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What’s in my work bag?

Every  nurse has a bag they bring to work.  The majority of what I see are large totes.  I’ve seen blue, pink and brown.  There was a phase of back packs.  However, far and away most nurses carry something that … Continue reading

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Self-Care for Nurses

As health care professionals, we can often assess a patient and see what is needed.  They receive the information and hopefully implement health saving strategies.  The results are what encourage us to keep going and do our jobs.  It’s the … Continue reading

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I’m Here. I’m your nurse.

Sometimes I write little notes about good days at work.  I can look back and remember what happened.  There are days as a nurse where it doesn’t feel like you did anything right, even though you worked so very hard.  … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Being Transparent

Transparency is a term I’m infatuated with right now.  It appears as a beautiful enigma.  The clarity reminds me of that ethereal moment right before someone passes from this life.  It’s when the veil is lifted. The struggle for me with transparency … Continue reading

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The Truth About Dating a Nurse

Being a nurse can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding careers there is.  It has moments of adventure, laughter, tears and challenge.  The person that can navigate all that while maintaining composure is a special and unique creature. … Continue reading

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