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The Beauty of Being Transparent

Transparency is a term I’m infatuated with right now.  It appears as a beautiful enigma.  The clarity reminds me of that ethereal moment right before someone passes from this life.  It’s when the veil is lifted. The struggle for me with transparency … Continue reading

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The Truth About Dating a Nurse

Being a nurse can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding careers there is.  It has moments of adventure, laughter, tears and challenge.  The person that can navigate all that while maintaining composure is a special and unique creature. … Continue reading

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The Hunt for Red Love

Love is rumored to be beautiful and euphoric.  When we talk about it, people get misty eyed and nostalgic.  I personally think of a Norman Rockwell picture with two little kids holding hands or perhaps a tender embrace by people … Continue reading

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