The Truth About Dating a Nurse

reasons-why-you-should-date-a-nurse1Being a nurse can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding careers there is.  It has moments of adventure, laughter, tears and challenge.  The person that can navigate all that while maintaining composure is a special and unique creature.  It places nurses on a pedestal.  They are surrounded by a cloud of glory and admiration, but also remain slightly mysterious.  Every nurse that I know has some very strong personality traits.  There are nurses that are funny, another that is smart, one that has stamina, a separate one that isn’t afraid to stand up for what is right.  There is a little bit of a fire cracker inside every nurse.  That’s what makes them survive in a demanding profession.  Among those different traits is one common theme, nurses have a heart that wants to see people get better.  They want to help people.  They can give and give until almost nothing is left, get a few hours sleep and start all over again.

While that is my unique perspective as a nurse for almost twenty years, it’s not always how the public sees nurses.  This is especially true when they are viewed at as dating material.  Being single for almost seven years, I have heard some things that people think about nurses.  I had never stopped to think about it.  I was honestly surprised.  My other single girlfriend nurses have heard some of the same things.  Female nurses can be viewed as a prize.  They are reputed to be sexy and a little adventurous.  They are given stereotypes of the bedside care giver and rescuer.  The are a prize in some peopole’s eyes.

Here are some things that are true about dating a nurse:

1.  We are sexy, because we are confident.

2.  We are really smart.  It’s not just what’s pretty on the outside.  We’ll challenge your mind.

3.  We’ve seen every body part a 100 times.  No need to feel insecure about yours.

4.  We’ve seen some crazy stuff, so you can’t surprise us.  But please be aware that we keep that in our back pocket for emergency situations.  Don’t be that emergency.

5.  We work a lot of long hours, different shifts and deal with people all day long.  Please don’t ask me to be your nurse.  I will, but let me volunteer.

6.  We are great listeners and love to make you feel better.

7.  We can provide you an instant diagnosis with holistic or simple measures for any ache or pain.

8.  Yes, scrubs do feel great.  Sorry, we don’t wear white anymore, but we do want to hear they still look sexy.

9.  We are germaphobes.  Don’t look at us crazy when we strip down and leave our clothes and shoes at the doors.  It’s for your own protection.

10.  We are going to tell you everything’s going to be fine.  It’s a practiced sentence and we truly believe it.  We’ve seen miracles and much worse than a ripped toenail.  We’ve helped people cry and walked with them through the dying process.

11.  Every day is a new adventure for us.  We have endless stories of doctors and other nurses.  Sometimes we need to vent, too.  However, we like to find the humor in it.

12.  We are fearless in the face of adversity.  We can stand by your side through almost anything.

13.  Be careful, we may never give up on you.  We can see hope where others cannot.

There are positives and negatives for every situation listed.  Finding that balance is what is key for dating a nurse.

Kristen Palser
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