The Beauty of Being Transparent

Transparency is a term I’m infatuated with right now.  It appears as a beautiful enigma.  The clarity reminds me of that ethereal moment right before someone passes from this life.  It’s when the veil is lifted.

The struggle for me with transparency is that I myself was afraid of what might be beneath.  Waiting, I watched people for a long time.  I realized that when people were themselves, with no filter, that was the strongest and most beautiful part of them.  It was the unique presentation that revealed their soul.  I saw that what they may have considered mistakes or a bad moment was really wonderful and full of magic.

Being intuitive and empathic, I know I have strong feelings.  I can know what others are feeling and it is also intense.  To lift the veil behind my own feelings was scary.  It made me think twice.  I tip toed in the water first.  I was ok.  I made it.  Living in the moment and dropping the veils was freeing.  As I learned to express my own feelings, I was better able to understand the feelings of others.

Transparency is not one sided.  To see it’s complexity requires a two way street.  The connection between two individual at that time is where the beauty starts to dance.  It is in that glimpse, that moment, that keeps me searching and working on myself for transparency.  It’s rewarding and magical at the same time.


Kristen Palser
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