I’m Here. I’m your nurse.

Sometimes I write little notes about good days at work.  I can look back and remember what happened.  There are days as a nurse where it doesn’t feel like you did anything right, even though you worked so very hard.  Even though I keep little notes, I rarely look back at them.

Today I looked back at one.  I barely remembered the moment, so I’m glad I actually wrote it down.

A patient had come back from the hospital.  She was elderly and confused.  Her family came asking for someone.  But we didn’t have anyone by that name.  They went back to their grandma.  She told them she will have either pink pants or a pink shirt on.  I always wore pink scrubs.  I was into bright colors that year.  I knew it was me.

I walked into the patients room and held her hand.  She looked at me and softly closed her eyes.  She told her family, “she’s here.”  I could see her relax.  Then family looked and me and smiled.  Tears in their eyes.

I had not done anything special.  I was simply there.  Most days I don’t think of myself as that kind of a nurse…the one that holds hands and makes people feel safe.  But in reality, it’s what I do every day.  It’s just some days that I see it play out before my eyes.

I’m a good nurse every day. I give more than %110 percent, because that’s the type of person I am.  Maybe it’s too much.   But I savor those moments where I can see the outcome.  I think I’ll wear pink tomorrow.



Kristen Palser
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